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We sell a wide variety of salad vegetables, you can find out more information about them below


Frillice Iceberg

Crunchy and versatile

A very decorative type of lettuce, it is known as 'Frillice lettuce' due to its tight curly leaves. Excellent
for adding volume and flavor to salads.

Red Coral

Also known as loose-leaf lettuce

This is a beautiful salad. It is crisp, ruffled, and dark red, with a flavor ranging from mild to sweet.

Mainly used by high class restaurants, it deserves a place on every table



Also known as Romaine lettuce

Sweet and tasty, this classic European salad type grows very well in the tropics. This lettuce was discovered by the Romans on the Greek island of Cos.

Red Oak

Sweet and mellow

A soft and sweet classic salad type which requires lots of sunshine to grow well.


Green Oak

Very popular

The all-time favourite in almost all salad recipes, Green Oak is probably one of the most used salad type in the world.


Sometimes known as "cabbage" lettuce

Soft and tasty, this lettuce gets its name from its almost buttery taste!

Rose Salad 1.jpg

Rose Salad

Bright green and full bodied

A classic Batavia lettuce in the best tradition. Batavia lettuce leaves are typically sweet and


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